Our hybrid accelerator is three months long and focused on making sure you achieve specific outcomes for developing and validating your idea or early stage business.

The overall goal is for you to find out if entrepreneuring is for you and if your idea has legs. Are there customers who want your product or service and will they pay for it?

Who is Hybrid Accelerator for?

Hybrid Accelerator is for you if you want to hone your entrepreneurial talent.

Entrepreneuring isn’t for everyone, it’s a tough ride which can be massively rewarding but you need to be prepared for the road ahead.

Do you answer yes to one or all of the questions below?

Do you have a business idea?

Do you want to find out if anyone wants your product or service?

Have you tapped into a market and need further validation?

If you want to develop a lean work ethic, learn to focus… …and then focus even more, the Sprint programme is for you.

What do I get?

Enablement is our USP. We offer a mindset-focused enablement programme.

You’ll be part of an energised, super-collaborating, always-on, community of like-minded entrepreneurs, enablers and expert partners.

Entrepreneurial Spark Enablers empower you through workshops, group sessions and are there to support and challenge you every step of the way. Crucially they will also hold up the mirror so you can see things from a different perspective.



Teams selected for each cohort receive seed money relating to the idea and needs and an additional estimated $70,000 in perks. In addition, companies taking part in the program gain invaluable connections to enthusiastic mentors and investors.

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Our world-class mentor network boasts some of the most talented minds in technology, branding, and strategy. We match entrepreneurs with top industry leaders, all of whom are passionate about supporting startups.



A major focus at Mentor Australia is on developing and adapting a program that is best suited for the Startup Scale-up therefore, our curriculum is customised to the needs of the individual Startup, Scale-up, supporting and educating entrepreneurs where they need it the most.

Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning.

– Benjamin Franklin

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